ABC Jelly Straws 300g

ABC Jelly Straws 300g

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Strawbery:Water,Sugar,Fructose,Thickener E407,Acidity Regulator:

E330,E296,Strawberry Flavour 0.2%,Colour:E129,E102


Grape:Water,Sugar,Fructose,Thickener E407,Acidity Regulator:

E330,E296,Grape Flavour 0.2%,Colour:E129,E133

Pineapple:Water,Sugar,Fructose,Thickener E407,Acidity Regulator:

E330,E296,Pineapple Flavour 0.2%,Colour:E129,E102

Apple:Water,Sugar,Fructose,Thickener E407,Acidity Regulator:

E330,E296,Apple Flavour 0.2%,Colour:E129,E133


Product of Taiwan



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